Review – Mistress Managed Book One by B.J. Frazier

Series – Mistress Managed #1

Rating – 5 out of 5

Genre – Erotica

Blurb – Divorcing her husband after catching him during an S/M liaison with another woman, a successful lawyer finds herself not only revisiting her former fascination with dominant/submissive relationships but actively searching for a man she can dominate.

What her search delivers will prove the most addictive experience of Jeneca Avery’s life.

It will also bring her into contact with the commanding yet strangely submissive man who will change that life in ways she would not have believed possible.

Review – I was really excited when I got asked to review Mistress Managed as both the cover and description intrigued me. I haven’t really read any Femdom fiction before this and I was pleased when an opportunity came up to delve into this particular genre. And this book really didn’t disappoint in any way. It was so hot that it had me squirming in my seat in several places and was so well-written that I couldn’t put it down once I had started reading.

Mistress Managed is about Jeneca Avery, a successful attorney whose own personal life felt less than successful when her husband ran off with another woman. But after some time on her own, she decides that she is ready to move on and she is ready to explore her new-found desire to dominate men sexually. She researches everything in great detail and purchases all the toys she needs before signing up to a site and looking for new boy-toys. And it’s not long before Jeneca has several young men practically begging for her attention.

While I did like Jeneca as a character, she does have a tendency to come across as quite cold and distant. I know that this does fit in well with the fact that she is a Domme, but at the same time, it can make it a little difficult for the reader to feel as if we can get to know her on a deeper level. But it was fun watching the way that her boy-toys would simply drool and melt into a puddle over her cold demeanour!

Keegan is one of the men who Jeneca meets on the site, but he is nothing like the other young men who contact her. For a start, he is a lot older than her other boy-toys. And he is an experienced Dom who is looking for a woman who can help him to explore the more submissive desires that he has been feeling. Even though Jeneca is very reluctant to meet him and dominate him, she feels drawn to him in a way that she doesn’t understand and can’t seem to fight the desire to maintain contact with him, even if it is only via email. I really enjoyed the way that Keegan seemed to draw out a more vulnerable and more human side to Jeneca and I am really looking forward to seeing how things progress between them in the other books in the series.

Mistress Managed is a fairly quick read, but even so, it doesn’t skimp on steamy moments or characters that I can’t wait to learn even more about in the rest of the series. I am really excited to read more of this series and more from this author. I can’t recommend it enough to fans of erotica, and fans of Femdom stories in particular.

6 thoughts on “Review – Mistress Managed Book One by B.J. Frazier

  1. Chrissy – I quite agree with your review! BJ’s prose seems to lift itself off of the page into my imagination effortlessly, and the biggest struggle during the read is the fidgeting that occurs below the waist in those passages that fog the glasses. Good thing they come three to a pack!

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